All Detroit Investments

PCG720 | Buy to let, Detroit
$27,400 19% NET yield
PCG719 | Buy to let, Detroit
$26,400 18% NET yield
PCG718 | Buy to let, Detroit
$26,400 16% NET yield
PCG717 | Buy to let, Detroit
$27,400 20% NET yield
PCG693 | Buy to let, Detroit
$21,500 26% NET yield
PCG690 | Buy to let, Detroit
$46,000 12% NET yield
PCG683 | Buy to let, Detroit
$21,200 23% NET yield
PCG668 | Buy to let, Detroit
$38,000 15% NET yield
PCG667 | Buy to let, Detroit
$40,000 15% NET yield

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Darren Brown (CEO)

  • “We own several properties through PCG Invest and are very pleased with the performance. We are receiving in upwards of £600 per month from our investments and plan to reinvest further. We highly recommend.

    Mike and Jane, United Kingdom

  • “Trust the experts, take the advice, be chilled during the process and you won't be disappointed. Good contacts in the US that provide additional support too.

    Alister, United Kingdom

  • “We already have four properties and hope to invest again in the near future. Our advice is just trust them, speak to them and we promise that you will not regret investing with the company.

    Nancy, United Kingdom

  • “They are very good at sourcing and screening the right deals and trying to support solving various issues that may arise. By using them as advisor, it would definitely make your investment activities more efficient and safe.

    Masa, United Arab Eremites

  • “In a business where most fall short on what they promise to deliver, I have found PCG to be more honourable and professional than the competition,I would, and in fact have, recommended them to friends.

    Tony, Ireland

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